Course Description


A “course description” (livret de cours) provides all the necessary information about a course. It outlines the teaching format, the course content, the intended learning outcomes, the grading system, the amount of ECTS credits allocated to the course and the language(s) in which the course is taught. You can explore many course descriptions by visiting IS-Academia.

Each teacher is responsible for defining their course’s description, which is then validated by the relevant section. Some aspects of the course can only be modified after agreement with the section (e.g., teaching language and ECTS credits).

How to complete the official Course Description

If you need technical support for completing the course description, you can consult the page “Assistance in completing the course description“. Having a look at Frequently Asked Question for the Course Description might also be helpful.

The process of accreditation for EPFL programmes requires that all courses are written in terms of learning outcomes, i.e. clear statements of what successful students will be able to do at the end of a course. If you need to know more on this topic, you can consult the Learning Outcomes Frequently Asked Questions.

Teaching Advisors are available to support you in this task.