Before the first class

Room and timetable

To locate a classroom, type the room number in the EPFL Interactive Campus Map search box.

The course timetable team allocates rooms for teaching. To discuss the allocation of classrooms, contact the Registrar’s Office (SAC).  They can also be contacted for occasional room bookings during the academic term.   Rooms are allocated based on projected student numbers, but the actual numbers of students taking a course can vary. If your room is not suitable for the number of students, contact the Registrar’s Office.

The concierges provide the logistics, such as the keys (to the lecture halls and classrooms – lights, blinds, ventilation, locking the room), furniture or cleaning. Operating the lights may require a key (depending on your room), so make sure to check this in advance.

You should note that classrooms do not normally have a computer for projection installed.  Each teacher will normally bring their own and will connect to the projector in the classroom. Access to the projector’s remote control requires a key – if you need a key for the projector’s remote control, contact SAVE.

Make sure too that your computer has a video output that matches the cable in your classroom. Many classrooms have VGA cables, but many computers and mobile devices do not have a VGA output, so you may need a VGA adaptor.

You should make sure to check your classroom before your first lecture, to ensure that (a) it is appropriate for your class and (b) you have all of the material (and keys!) you need.