My teaching team

Effective teaching is often best ensured in the context of teamwork between yourself and your various assistants.

At EPFL each PhD student has to contribute one day a week to teaching. The Sections manage a pool of PhD assistants for the benefit of faculty members based on needs and priorities. They are also in charge of providing the necessary additional supervision resources.

You may also hire advanced (Master level) student assistants in addition to PhD assistants, particularly to supervise or tutor during the practicals (exercises, lab sessions, projects).

Efficient management of your team of assistants:

Here are some suggestions that you may wish to consider:

  • organise a briefing session to give them clear guidelines as to your expectations, session preparations, how you wish them to supervise the students and mark their assessment submissions.
  • visit the classrooms (particularly at the beginning) to ensure that everything goes according to your instructions.
  • debrief your assistants after the session; if applicable, improvements can be discussed.

Training opportunities for your assistants

The quality of teaching depends on student supervision as much as on the course itself. If you would like to be sure that your assistants are properly prepared to supervise, to be demanding, and to guide students through exercises rather than just solving the problems for them, then you can suggest that they benefit for the training opportunities tailored to their needs: CAPE organizes specific teaching workshops for assistants, which they can attend.