Teaching Portfolio and Academic titles

Guidelines on the award of academic titles to scientific staff

 Various academic titles are used in EPFL and there are procedures in place with respect to the awarding of these titles. 

Information on the academic titles of scientific staff can be found here.

Information on the academic titles of professors (e.g. tenure track assistant prof, associate prof, full prof, funded prof, visiting prof. etc.) can be found here.

A teaching portfolio is required for all academic promotion proceedings as well as for renewals of academic positions. A portfolio allows a lecturer to show their teaching experience and skills, to describe their approach to teaching and learning and to note the various teaching-related projects and activities to which they have contributed. Article 10 of the Directive concerning the evaluation and recognition of teaching at the EPFL gives you further details on the teaching portfolio content. 

For Tenure Track Assistant Professors (PATT) and scientific staff the criteria of evaluation of tenure and promotion applications are very similar:

  1. quality and extent of teaching activities, evaluation by the students and in-depth evaluation (such as those by CAPE);
  2. quality of teaching content, quality of teaching material;
  3. creativity as far as pedagogical skills and methods are concerned;
  4. supervision of practicals or semester projects, Master projects and doctoral theses;
  5.  participation in activities of general interest specific to the curriculum.

Further details on promotion procedures for tenure-track professors are found here.

Further details on promotion for senior scientists are found here.

If you need some advice, please contact an advisor from CAPE.