Welcome to the teaching portal of EPFL!

The teaching portal is designed to bring together all the information you will need as a teacher at EPFL. It is both:

  • a reference point for all teachers for the regulations concerning teaching and assessment in EPFL and for advice and support on how to teach and assess effectively;
  • a place for new teachers to get practical information, such as how to complete course documents or how to access the timetable and the classroom.

The structure of the portal follows a teacher’s experience when planning the teaching of a course:

my students
To teach well, it is important to know your students, so the first section will tell you about the students of EPFL; who they are, what they expect and what you can expect from them.
a course
In teaching, as in most things, planning and preparing is the foundation for success. This section explains some of the basic features of EPFL courses and leads you through the course design process.
This section brings together information on a variety of techniques and methods for teaching and the resources that are available to support you; both for on-line and for live courses.
and marking
This section points out the regulations and explains the grading scale and credit system used in EPFL. It also provides advice on evaluating students as well as information on correctly citing sources and links to the anti-plagiarism tools available in the school.
my teaching
This section looks over the different tools you can use to get feedback on your teaching and thus be able to evaluate, adapt and develop your practice.